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Taco (Hybrid) – 1 Gram Pre-Roll

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Taco (Hybrid) – 1 Gram Pre-Roll

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Taco – Hybrid


  1. Jeff Elder

    I’m actually pleasantly surprised by these pre rolls; I must admit at first, I kinda thought that maybe the pre-rolls would, like many other dispensaries do, package the “shake” and “trim” for pre-rolls for economic reasons, not because they intend to rip anyone off, for the most part that is. I will admit that I was 110% wrong in this case. I dry – puffed on the Taco pre-roll after I took it out of the tube, and the taste was really nice. Not leafy or stocky at all. When I lit it, though it DID crackle slightly, it tasted very clean and smooth. Effects set in very quick, there’s a strong relaxation and stress/pain relief, as well as a good bit of appetite stimulation. I put it out at half, and have proceeded to eat 4 yogurt cups, a bowl of lucky charms and a pack of ramen noodles. Now, I’m going to go for a nap.
    Very nice, it’s an extremely pleasant change from the flower I usually get. I’d give it a 4/5.

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