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F13 – (10 Pack) – DJ Short

Cannabis Seeds

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  • 10 (non-feminized) seeds per package

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F-13 a Holy Grail plant of four-star excellence. Previously unreleased, a very desirable product and potential breeder. A mostly sativa hybrid of medium height with long, spear-shaped, dense and resinous buds and an earlier finish-time than most sativa. The superlative quality of the finished product is remarkable: A clear, clean, crisp head of the kindest order. This girl really rings the bell every time! Not for the couch-lock crowd, this heady sativa is for those who truly enjoy its stimulating yet comfortable appeal. A real day-brightener. DJ`s personal favorite from this batch.

This is a rare treat for anyone looking for a mosty-sativa plant with an earlier finishing time than most similar varieties. It’s ready after just 7 – 9 weeks of flowering and produces a really uplifting and energetic buzz that’s about as far away from couch lock as it’s possible to get.

*Warning – Sprouts and young seedlings may be sensitive to high nutrient concentrations. Avoid high nutrient concentrations initially and graduate slowly up to desired ppm.

Yield – Average

Flowering Time – 7-9 weeks

Seed – Non-feminized

*Please note, germination of seeds is not guaranteed